Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Fun.

My mom, Dallin and I are watching my sisters five kids while she and her husband are backpacking with the rest of my family.  Today we met in Heber at the Train Station after I picked up Truman from school.  We had hamburgers, soup, fries, onion rings and shakes.
 Friends and cousins.
 We gave the kids 25 cents to put in the train display and it did not disappoint!
Next we were off to the new dollar store in Heber so everyone could pick out a treat.  It was fun walking up and down every isle seeing what excite the kids.
Then it was off to Cascade Springs for a fall hike.  
Yesterday Enoch and Truman found a bunch of cap guns at Grandmas.  We have shopped for two days looking for caps for the guns; finally today at the dollar store we found some.  The two boys had been waiting SO patiently {for two days} to load their cap guns and shoot them.  Dallin made them wait until we got to the hike to finally shoot them - the minute Truman shot his he freaked out and started to cry.  He discovered he does not like cap guns.  We all laughed at how upset he was, especially considering the anticipation over the past two days.
 Still mad because Enoch just shot off his cap gun! 

 Camera mom!
Truman, Enoch, Addie, Jean, Grandma, Bodie, Dallin, Anna, Quinn
 Getting tired ... he needed some help hiking out.

 Passed out in bed by 7:15 and slept twelve hours!