Sunday, October 21, 2012

Russell M. Nelson.

{The boys Sunday morning ready for church}.

Sunday we had Russell M. Nelson visiting our ward.  He got to hear from him for about 15 minutes at the end of sacrament meeting.  It felt really intimate and personal when he was speaking to us {we have a huge ward so there were tons of people there as usual}.  I took a few quick notes on some things he said that I wanted to remember.  

He talked about missionary work and especially about the new announcement the men may now serve missions at 18 years old if they would like and woman 19 years old.  He said it was by inspiration because to get 15 men {the 12 apostles + the first presidency} to agree on anything in near imposible!  He said we need more missionaries and this will provide "many, many, many more missionaries"

He said his own 16-year old granddaughter was so excited about the announcement when he saw her later that Saturday afternoon.  Elder Nelson currently has four daughters serving missions with their husbands.  

He said there was a young woman who had her mission papers in five days after the announcement and that last Friday they issued her a call {and that she was receive it in the mail this Wednesday}!
After sacrament meeting I was cleaning up the paper, stickers and spilled fish crackers around our bench when Elder Nelson walked by me, stopped, looked at what I was doing, chuckled, and put out his hand to shake mine.  I smiled and said "it was nice to have you in our sacrament meeting today" - I guess it was a little cheesy, but it caught me totally by surprise when I looked up and saw him there - it was the truth, it was cool to have him speak to us.