Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fallon, Nevada.

On Thursday Bodie and I flew to Fallon, Nevada to visit my cousin and her family for a few days.  It was Bodies first time flying and he was a champ, he fell asleep in my arms before we even took off and woke with just enough time to eat his peanuts and land.
{he is saying "please, open"}
We made it - cheese!
My cousin Lindsey and I have had this trip on the calendar for about six months, it has been fun to look forward too.  She lives on a farm in Fallon so it is always really fun to visit.
Crew showing Bodie around the farm in his tractor.

 So many fun toys on a farm.
This is a hay bale ... I was corrected several times.
Why did I always call it a hay 'barrel' {see this post}?