Saturday, October 6, 2012

Conference Weekend Part I.

We had a fun, relaxing, playful weekend in Park City with family for Conference.  What great talks!  I feel inspired to be better!
 After Conference the kids went out to play in the sand box - it was freezing cold but they still insisted on turning on the hose.  I think half the fun for the kids was the fact that all the parents {and grandparents  were standing around watching them play.


 Believe it or not those clothes came out of the wash perfectly clean after this play session in the sandbox with the water.

 Tiffany found this 'Conference Board' on Pinterest and made it for the weekend.  It was really cute and now I want one for my family.
 Bodie and dad!
 Lounging around watching Conference. 
And of course Conference Cinnamon rolls.