Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Special Leader.

Today at preschool Truman was the special leader.  This meant he got to bring the treat, be at the front of the line and sit in the special chair {which he told me was fat and yellow}.
This is him today with his teacher Miss. Camee who we both adore.
At the end of class as she is saying good-bye to each student she asks, "do I get a hug, handshake or high-five"?
Today they learned about the letter "e" and the rhyme "Ee-e-ency We-e-ency Spider" so we were asked to bring treats to go along with that theme.  Truman stayed up a little past bed-time to help me put the eyes on these cute chocolate rice crispy spiders.  After I finished making them and packaging them all up for school I read the fine print about the "treats" which said they had to be store bought.  What a bummer.

So a little after 10 PM last night Dallin {who was at our house to watch the Presidential debate} and I ran to Wal-Mart to find 'pre-packaged' treats that started with "e".  We bought edamame, egg rolls and eggnog for a drink.  We also bought elephant plates and cups and pre-made spider cookies that we found in the Halloween section.  
Here is what he brought home from school today.
Later in the day Truman, Bodie and I were working in the kitchen and Truman told me I needed to follow him because he was the special leader.  He used that to his advantage all day!