Monday, July 4, 2011


Happy Independence Day!
There are so many great memories from the day that I want to remember - so brace yourself for the pictures!
 McKay and Enoch riding to the parade.
 The Park City parade was lame.  We went to the parade every year growing up and I used to think it was so great.   It has turned completely political.  This was the coolest float - it was snowboarders and skiers jumping on a tramp (on a trailer as it drove down main street) doing tricks.  

 The one great thing about the parade was the weather - perfect parade weather.  Tiffany, Addie and I walked from main street to my parents house afterward {with the double stroller and some sleeping kids}.

 After the parade and some lunch we played for hours on the fields behind my parents house.  Here we are slack-lining {a Quinn family favorite pass time}.
 And a new family favorite sport...planking.  
Enoch planking his mom.
 Aaron planking the slack-line.
{I thought slack-lining took talent, try planking a slack line, wow}.
a classic Aaron face.
 We played a lot of soccer with Truman.

Nice kick Addie.
Jean asked me to take a picture of her new trick {since I was taking pictures of everyone else doing tricks}
She can do a somersault!!
{sagging diaper and all - this girl always has a sagging diaper!}

 Homemade ice cream.
 Truman was completely terrified of the sparklers - but thanks to Tiffany all the little kids got glow sticks!