Sunday, June 13, 2010

Las Vegas

Friday Nate, McKay, my mom, Truman and I headed down to Las Vegas to meet up with my dad, Anthony, Sharon and Ira.  My dad had been at a convention all week and Ant and Sharon flew in from Connecticut.  We spent the weekend chillin' before hiking Havasupai.
McKay does not go anywhere without his slack line - they are teaching Truman how to slack line at a young age!!
We discovered that shuffle board isn't only for old people!  We had so much fun playing all Sunday afternoon.

Grandpa enjoying Ira
{Ira loved chewing on all of Truman's shoes}
Introducing Ira Tanner Quinn.
It was my first time meeting this cute little guy {my younger brother Anthony's child}.
I think he looks just like his dad.  See this picture.
Truman loved Grandpa and Grandma's big tub!

And so did everyone else!