Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BBQ at Trents.

We are up in Idaho for a few days for a family reunion.  My mom and dad, McKay, my sister and her five kids and I {with my two kids} came up early to spend some extra time with family.  The ride up was great - my sister and I road together with our two youngest kids.  We did have to play musical driver so we could each nurse.  Good memories.  My parents took the three older kids in their car - movie time!  It was fun to chat with my sister the entire way up.
When we got to Idaho my aunt and uncle had a BBQ in their backyard all ready for us.  Thanks Trents.
 Truman unloading ALL the chips onto his plate.

 ice cream sandwiches around the fire-pit for dessert.
 Battle wound from the human sling shot.
My sister and my cousin Anne ran into each other and Tiff immediately got this massive bruise.  I need to post about the human sling shot...its fun, but a little dangerous.
 The kids loved the fresh strawberries.  We had to monitor the picking very closely..only the red ones!
I kept catching Truman getting drinks out of the rock water fountain - not sure it was too sanitary...