Saturday, July 9, 2011

stewart falls.

We hiked to Steward Falls this morning.  Beautiful with lots of water running off the waterfall.

We have had fun with Uncle McKay this week.  We were 'babysitting' him {while my parents were out of town} which has since turned into him babysitting our kids.  Fabulous!  One night we got the kids ready for bed, put Bodie to bed, put Truman and McKay in front of a show and went out on bike ride!  Apparently McKay fell asleep so Truman went down to his room and hauled a bunch of books back up stairs so McKay could read them to him for bed time.
We got new backpacks for both the boys so we wanted to try them out.  For Truman we got this one - he sang songs on the hike into the waterfalls and slept on the way out.  Gregg said the backpack was comfortable.  Success!  We got this baby carrier for Bodie.  I have been looking for 2+ years for a baby carrier that could go on my front and back {baby bjorn used to make one that my sister bought 8+ years ago...since then they have never made it again, not sure why}.  Bodie slept the entire way.  Double success!