Saturday, July 23, 2011

quinn family reunion.

Quinn Family Reunion time
Good memories = lots of pictures!
John and Marlene Quinn
Allen, Paul {my dad}, Vaughn, Wade, Aldean Wheeler, Sheila Purser, Ranae Smith.
Roasting hot dogs, mostly for the novelty of it.  We roasted the ones they really ate!
Baby Bodie and baby Anna taking naps.
Jean sat at the picnic table for hours and beaded a necklace.

My aunt Christine showed us how to make lavender wands, pictured below.  I hung ours in our tent of the night - ahhhh!

Four generations.
Paul Quinn, Camille Simons, Bodie Simons, John Quinn

Bodie has been hanging out with his tongue out for the past few weeks - not sure why.

Uncle Vaughn and Aunt Cindy were always loving on the babies.  If Cindy wasn't holding Anna then she was holding Bodie.

Everyone loves Grandma!  One of Truman and Jean's many disagreements.  They both wanted the same story - not sure what the problem was, they are both sitting on grandma's lap! And Enoch is putting his helmet on grandma trying to get her to go bike riding.

One of my cousins planned a family "Minute to Win It" game for entertainment and it was just that!

Great grandpa Quinn and Enoch.  Related?!

Truman mesmerized by the fire.

me, ready for bed!
The boys did awesome in a tent.  I think Bodie is the only one who didn't get a little cold.  Truman fell asleep in his sleeping bag holding a glow stick, sucking his thumb looking at the moon threw the tent window.  He thought it was pretty awesome.  Gregg and I enjoyed talking with my family until late into the night.  Thanks everyone for a great family reunion and great memories.