Friday, July 1, 2011


 We are looking forward to a fun 4th of July weekend with lots of family {both sides}.  Here is how today played out -  Truman is in love with the little pool my parents bought for the summer {complete with a slide!}.    
 I usually do put a swim suit on him - but today this was his second time in the pool so his swim suit was already wet...

 We stopped by the Red Ledges party.  I was taking a picture of Gregg and Truman playing tennis and happened to see my shadow - an all to familiar silhouette!
{no, I am not pregnant again, Bodie is on my front in the baby carrier}.
 I thought Truman would be scared of the horses but he loved them - we didn't have time for a ride so we got a rain-check {he sometimes mistakes horses of camels}. 
cousin Presley the pink butterfly {so cute}.
 cousin Stella the rainbow butterfly.
{check out Tara's pictures here}
We stayed up late playing cards with McKay, Nathan and Lauren.  Bodie looks like he is totally into the game!