Sunday, July 17, 2011


We have a youth fireside every month in our ward.  Tonight our fireside was really neat and I wanted to share so I would remember it.  It was the "chastity" talk - but it was presented in a why I had never seen before, and I thought it was very powerful.

We asked a couple in our ward to present the fireside.  They invited all the youth to their house and they had prepared a slide show for the fireside.  It is a couple who has six children who are all raised and out of the house - they served as mission presidents in Switzerland and they are not retired to Midway

They started by talking about a single cell and the world being created - then they talked about the creation of Adam and Eve and went from there.  They talked about the bodies that have been given to use while on this earth and the price that was paid for those bodies.  They showed a short clip of Christ in the Garden and being nailed to the cross.  They explained that that was the price that was paid for us.  They then talked about agency and consequences.  Every action has a consequence, good or bad.   Next they talked about families here on earth and the importance of families.  They showed a few slides of a baby growing in a mothers belly.  They had me get up and talk about the experience of being pregnant and knowing that you are bringing a baby into this world {all the kids saw me pregnant with Bodie and they all know him now so it was a tangible thing to relate to}.  After a few slides of what a growing baby looks like inside the womb there were a few slides of baby pictures.  What the youth didn't know was that we had collected baby pictures of them prior to the fireside.  It took them a few minutes to realize that the pictures were of them - once they did they had fun laughing and looking at cute baby pictures.  The point was then made that it was special time when they were born to their families - there was a father and a mother and they loved each other and they wanted children to be apart of that family.  It was very powerful and most of the kids got a little teary eyed when we talked about how special it was for them to be born into a family.

It was a very powerful fireside and a different approach to the "chastity" talk.  I felt really good about how it went, and I really wanted to share it.

Below is my baby picture because after all, what's a post without a picture??!
Camille Quinn | April 1983
{if this picture was really taken in 1983 likes it says then I would be 16 months old - the picture says I am 4 months old .. not sure.}