Friday, July 8, 2011

four months.

{this looks like a mug shot!}
 Bodie had his four month appointment and shots today.
I could not believe it when the nurse told me he was 12 pounds 0 ounces 23 3/4 inches tall.  He is smaller then Truman was at this age.  Truman seemed so small to me at four month; Bodies does not seem that small.  The nurse {who was a student} was trying to tell me I need to fatten him you see the double chin - he looks {and acts} healthy to me!  He is sleeping about 8-10 hours at night {and has since about 6 weeks old}, he reaches for objects, squeals and laughs and smiles spontaneously.  Still does not roll over at all.
 Bodie has the best crying face.  Gregg wanted me to take a picture of his cry face for this post - these are not his normal "good" cry face...I will have to try again another time!

Truman trying to hold Bodie.

In Sunbeams a couple of weeks ago the lesson was "I Can Be Happy" so we have been singing "If you chance to me a frown".  The picture above is Truman's frowny face.  The kid can not frown even if he tries! It is the funniest face.

Truman singing "If you chance to me a not let it stay..."
Here is the picture he brought home.  Look familiar! I think I colored the same picture when I was in sunbeams.
I especially love the soccer ball, baseball, football, basketball, soccer goal and basketball hoop drawn on the picture!