Saturday, July 30, 2011

youth conference.

I survived Youth Conference!
We did a reenactment of the story of Abinadi, Kind Noah, Alma and Helam.  

 Bishop as Abinadi
 King Noah and his wicked women!
 priest with Alma on the far right.
 Burning of Abinadi.

Alma and Helam at the Waters of Mormon.
a guard.
We roasted a pig all day for dinner along with dutch oven potatoes, fresh green salad and rolls.
{I did all the food - and no one starved!}
 Some of the kids playing around with the swords they made.

There is a slide show of pictures posted here or here.
We also had a professional video-photographer who made a movie of the play.  It can be seen here.

PS- If anyone is interested in doing this in the future for their youth conference I have all the scripts.