Monday, August 24, 2009

four months.


We went to the doctor today for Truman's four month check up and more shots. He is 12 pounds 4 ounces 24 inches long. He gained exactly two pounds and grew one inch. The doctor wanted me to start rice cereal but I am going to wait two more months.

Just a quick update on Truman - he smiles a lot but does not laugh spontaneously yet. He has rolled over a few times but it scares him half to death. Most of the time he is a very mellow baby. We take him to our sales meeting once a week and occasionally I take him to the office when I am doing paperwork. He found his thumb this week and has been sucking it. For now I think it's cute! He sleeps 7-9 hours most nights and is always mellow when we are out side (it usually puts him to sleep).

Gregg calls him our sucker baby - he is so good it makes you want another one!