Thursday, May 16, 2013

Studio 5.

Today my mother-in-law and I went to a live recording of Studio 5 -
a local life-style TV show.
It was a lot of fun.
It was fun to be behind the scene and see the cameras, lights and producers.  I was so nervous for the guests and hosts because it is live TV - I could never do something like that.
You can see Lynn in the blue right in the middle of the picture and me on her right in yellow.
There we are, the live audience.
The normal set where they film.
{we were in another room for todays show}
Switching up the set during the commercial break.
Apparently there was a presidential interruption during the first 30 minutes of the show so they are going to re-broadcast our show on Monday June 3rd.
TV monitors so we could see what was being shown on live TV.
One of the hosts.
One of the guest was Becky Higgins who is the creator of Project Life and it just so happened that my 'winter project' this year was doing Truman and Bodie's baby books and scrapbooks with Project Life, so I was so happy that she happened to be on the show today.  I worked ALL winter on baby books and scrapbooks and will do a post dedicated to them soon.
So after the show I was a complete nerd and went up to introduce myself and meet her.
She was incredible sweet - I love her product even more because of that!  How nerdy am !?!  She asked detailed questions about the books I had done for my boys, what products I had used and how must 'creative liberty' I had used.  It was very thoughtful and kind and I am even more of a fan now!
Meet-and-greet after.  They had every single person come up and take their picture with the hosts, I think Lynn and I felt kind of cheesy!
After the show there was a quick questions and answer session and then it was off to the studio for a catered lunch.  So sweet of them to do all of this for a live studio audience {which they only have about two times a year}.
As we left the studio they gave us swag bags full of gifts and coupons.
Thank you Studio 5.
What a fun outing with my mother-in-law.