Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Run.

Today the boys and I ran a 5K in memory of a family in the valley that died last year.  
We did the race with my friend Tami and her sisters and sister-in-law.
Thanks for inviting us!
The boys were great cheerleaders from the stroller.
First we walked a mile from the car to the start of the race (good warm up), then I ran while pushing the stroller for the 5K race, and then we walked the one mile back to where the car was parked.
The girls.
The kids kept asking if they could run so I let Truman and Bodie run the last little part of the race to the finish line - they loved it.
And then they ran almost the entire way (1 mile) back to the where we had parked the car.
Happy Memorial Day.