Saturday, May 25, 2013

San Rafael Swell.

We have been down in Southern Utah by the San Rafael Swell for the last two days for a little campout.  It was the last time camping with McKay for two years.
Tiff and Araron.
The sun going down was so beautiful
This was worth the work (and drive) - just to see this.
Sun going down over 'family butte'
{Instagram by @mckayquinn}
Moon coming up - taken by my mom

Instead of the usual glow-sticks Tiffany gave all the kids "finger lights" - that were a HUGE hit!

I wish I would have gotten a better picture of all the kids with their colored lights on their fingers.

Infact, I wish I would have taken better/more picture period.  My brain must have not been fully functioning - we didn't get a group picture, I didn't take a picture of all the boys heading off for their hike in the morning, I didn't take a picture of McKay and all his buddies that came with us or Tiffany and Aarons friends the Lovells that came (or a picture of the combined 10 kids under the age of 10 that we had), we didn't take a family photo, I didn't take picture of the kids playing in the Muddy River -- see what I mean, my brain!!!
The amazing moon.
I wish I would have taken this picture a little earlier in the evening so you could see all the tents lined up.
Teenage tent, my parents tent, our tent, Hopkinsons and Lovells. 
Good Morning.
 Silly Bodie asleep with his head buried down in the blow-up. 
He woke up at 3 AM crying "I want some chocolate milk - and I want it warm"
Here comes the sun - picture taken facing east.
I turned around and took these pictures facing west of the sun starting to shine onto the mountains.
Cute Tiff and baby boy!
{picture by my mom}
I got to braid the hair of 7 little girls in the morning before we headed to the river.
Jean, "why do I have to get my hair done while camping?"
The Muddy River for a reason.
This is what Truman looked like when I pulled him out of the Muddy River so we could clean off and start heading home.
There is this one picture of all the hikers after hiking.

What a fun, restless, quick, southern Utah trip.
We are exhausted!