Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day.

 Happy Mother's Day 2013.
Me, my mom, and my sister.

We all attended church in Park City with my parents then we partied all afternoon at our house.
My high school friend Tessa and new husband {she just got married} joined the party - it was a blast - Tessa was basically a member of our family growing up.  And Dallins girlfriend Becca just got back from her Mission {to Taiwan, same mission as Tessa ironically} so it was so fun to be with her again.
 Everyone helping out with the rolls, it turned into a little competition for the best looking twirl-roll.
 This was my dad all weekend, jet lag!
 To give some perspective you can see he was asleep in the middle of the great room with lots of stuff going on all around.

{The mattress was up because some some of my brothers had spent the night.  I wondered out of my room early Sunday morning - barley dressed - and there they were sleeping in the great room - I had no idea they had even come during the night - typical}
 BYU Bookstore fudge from Becca to all the moms!  We hid it and didn't really share :)
 We made this amazing lemon cake for my mom - I will share the recipe below.
 After dinner we all sat around and watched a slide show of pictures from my parents and McKays recent trip to New Zealand, Australia and Fiji.
 Sunday afternoon walk.
 Tiff and her girls.
Truman brought this little gift he made home from school this week.
He actually kept is a surprise from me!

Great day and even better to have everyone back home from their world travels {except Sharon who is still in Africa ... }