Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sound Beginnings: Recital

Today after soccer we rushed to the high school for a quick change of clothes in the bathroom for Truman and Bodies 'Sound Beginnings' recital - this is what I got when I asked them to smile for my picture!
Good memory!

"Everybody Clap Your Hands"
"Two Little Black Birds"
"Miss Mary Mack"
{Bodies favorite - he can sing almost the entire song by himself}

They got to go up with the older class and do their major scale - it was cute.

Bodie watching the older kids do their performance.
They each got an award and a flower at the end.
Miss. Emily also put together a little slide show at the end - I missed Bodies picture but here is Trumans cute 4-year-old smile!
Dosen't Truman look like the mack-daddy and Bodie is just a ham!
Here is their entire class.
Aiden, Kate, Truman, Elle, Dylan and Bodie.

I can't wait for "Let's Play Music" in the fall.