Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Last night I was at the new house cleaning up the construction site - Gregg was at home with the kids doing dinner.  I left dinner on the stove for everyone and when I got home it was still there, untouched, everyone watching a movie all snuggled together on the sofa.

Gregg explained that Bodie had been whining ever since he came in from jumping on the tramp and Truman was being a power-grump.

I fed everyone dinner and threw them all in my bathtub.  Bodie was still whining and not really using his right hand.  After a bath and PJ's we sat Bodie on our bed and tried to figure out where he was hurting.  He was able to tell us exactly where he hurt on his wrist, when we touched it he would cry and pull his arm away.

We asked our friend who is an ER nurse if he would come take a look and give us his opinion.  We ultimately decided to wait until morning to see our doctor - that way we would give it time for the swelling to do down and to see if Bodie was still complaining.

It was one restless night!
No sleep for Bodie, mom or dad.
The poor guy was in pain all night.

This morning when I called our doctor {who I know I talk very highly of on this blog because I love him} he told us to come right over.
Here we are waiting for x-rays.
 He was not a fan of the x-ray machine and I kind of don't blame him.
 The x-ray was obvious - there is a wrinkle fracture right below his left thumb {on his wrist}.
You can see where a little piece of the bone is sticking out to the left.
{That is Greggs hand you can see at the top of the x-ray holding Bodies hand down}

 By the time the x-rays were over and we made it back to the doctors office to have them read Bodie was out - poor guy.  He was asleep for most of the time the cast was being put on.

 I kept trying to keep him awake because I didn't want him to wake up with this big thing on his arm and wig out!  That face says it all.
Dr. Haderlie putting on the cast.
His face seriously ... so sad!
 A bright green cast,
$600 dollars gone from my wallet,
and one worn out little Bodie and we are on our way home.

Four weeks with this little cast and then more x-rays to see if it has healed.

{Bodie has since told us that he fell getting out of the tramp and that is how he broke his arm - no one actually saw the accident}

Oh, and today is our 8th Wedding anniversary.
Happy anniversary.

Our plans for the day were completely changed do to the fact that we had an unexpected trip to the doctors office this morning.  I asked Gregg on the way to the doctors what he would have thought if on our wedding day he would have known that eight years later we would be taking our two year-old in for a broken arm.  His response was, "I would have been so happy to know I had two boys"

We will have to celebrate another day.