Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring Sing.

Truman had a "Spring Sing" concert at school today.
Each month during the year they had learned a song about that month, plus other songs for the holidays, about the days and month, the weather, etc.  Today they got to sing them for all the parents.
They started with the pledge of allegiance.
I had no idea he had learned the pledge of allegiance at school - impressive at age 3/4.
 He was so entertaining to watch - so animated!
{I can't remember what song this was}
Friends song.
 Miss. Camee did a little highlight on each child - she said Truman is very kind and worried about others' feelings and that he loves to sporadically give hugs to her throughout the day.
"Snap" that monkey right out of the tree --
 During one of the songs about love the kids all jumped up and ran to give Miss. Camee a hug - totally unplanned.  It brought her to tears and was really cute.  It sure shows how much these kids love her.
 Singing the good-bye song.
 And hugs for Miss. Camee at the end of every day.
 I do not know what is up with this face - but its funny.
Here are some of his projects that were hanging around school.
We all love Miss. Camee.
We will miss her.
{Bodie thinks he goes to school too!  Hopefully she will be his teacher in a few years}