Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pete's Blessing.

It was a good day, Pete was blessed and we are feeling very thankful.
Pete {13 weeks} Bodie {3} Truman {5}
He was the first baby blessed in the Dutch Canyon Ward.  Gregg gave Pete a beautiful blessing.  The following men were part of the blessing;

Gregory Robert Simons {dad}
Robert Simons {grandpa}
Paul Quinn {grandpa}
Chris McGown {uncle}
Brad Simons {uncle}
Aaron Hopkinson {uncle}
Kirk Robinson {friend}
Scott Phillips {friend}
David Nielson {bishop}
Pete looks a little irritated that I am taking his picture!  We feel very blessed that Pete is still with us given his illness and hospitalization at one month old.  Thanks to modern medicine, an amazing children's hospital and lots of prayers he is healthy and growing!  Gregg and I both felt the spirit very strong today as Pete was given a very special blessing.
We had friends and family over after church for a casual lunch and lots of visiting.
Pete and his cousin Evelyn who is two months older.
Check out this picture sequence ... Pete's got a smile on his face and he is going for her hand!
Yep, got it!  Cousins holding hands.
She's got the best eyes and cheeks ever.
Pete and Jorgan.
Friends and cousins.
Anna who hates when I take her picture.
Jean and Pete.
Xander and Pete.
Even Colin wanted a chance - see what I mean, everyone wanted to hold him!
And pat him!

Poor guy - he was worn out for all the attention.
Here is one 'out-take' from our family picture - not everyone was feeling super happy about pictures so we did one picture with our frowny face so that person could frown.  The best part is that Truman couldn't not smile, he was using his hands to make a frown!
I am very thankful for these boys of mine!