Monday, June 30, 2014

Tate Estate: Dedication

My parents started moving into their new house two days ago!  The very next day my siblings and their families started showing up from around the country for our Quinn Family Reunion.  We decided this year to all get together in the summer instead of trying to get together during the holidays when travel is harder and weather is so unpredictable.
Dallin and Jean.
Tonight for family night my dad had a little spiritual thought about homes being like temples.  We wrote down some comparisons to things we do in the temple and in our homes; - i.e. pray, speak kindly, learn, study - then my dad dedicated their new house with all of us there {except Elder Quinn}  :(
My parents gave us each a copy of the latest conference Ensign and asked us to read the talks {over the next few months} and highlight three things.  1) Challenges 2) Faithful Actions 3) Promised Blessings 
We are all excited for the upcoming week of adventures and all the years of adventures in the new house!