Monday, June 9, 2014

Tball season.

 It's Tball season again and this year we are the Colorado Rockies.  We are letting Bodie 'unofficially' play because the poor kid has had to sit on the sideline watching Truman play for so long.  Technically Bodie is not old enough to play but since he is better then half our team and because Gregg is the coach we added him to the roster.
 These pictures are from last week when Dallin and Becca were in town and come to watch the boys play {Dallin is holding Pete}.
 Bodie is good!
 And so is Truman.
 I love this sequence of pictures of Bodie running into home for a score.
 Our friend Lance is on our team again this year and he is good too.
 Truman being a complete goof and doing a somersault into home plate for a score.
 Our friend Ben from our neighborhood is also on our team, he is really good.
We lucked out this season with a really fun team.  He have a friend from our old ward and two boys in our new ward on our team!  And the girls on our team are really athletic and competitive, it's cute.
Go Colorado Rockies!