Sunday, June 29, 2014

June in review.

Here are a few June highlights that are post worthy.
 Bodie looking cute with his sunglasses on in the back seat of the car.
 Gregg working hard to get Pete to laugh.
 One evening Truman fell off the tramp backward and his head went through this milk crate.  It was really scary, he stood up and the crate was over his head.  He scraped the side of his face ripping the crate off - other then that luckily he was okay.
 One afternoon I sent the kids out to get in the car while I trailed behind - when I got out to the garage I saw this wet spot that looked suspicions {along with Bodie's guilty face}.  When I asked what happened Bodie said he had to go to the bathroom so he peed out the car door.  When I asked why he didn't just run into the house and go, he said "it was coming to fast".
He has have never done anything like this before, I was a little shocked.
 I tried a comb-over on Pete one morning, ha!
 Morning boy snuggles in our bed.
 Neighbors building + wind + rain = dirty windows all summer and I am not going to pay to have them cleaned until the one neighbor finishes landscaping and the other finishes building!
Super cute mellow Pete sleeping admits the chaos.  
 June 17 it snowed!  No joke!
 Cute boys.
One week McKay asked for a picture of me holding Pete so he could see some perspective as to how small Pete is - I took this picture while snuggling him!
We got the rock in our front yard etched with our address!  yahoo!
Gregg and Pete watching a world cup soccer game together.
One night for date night - after the kids were in bed - Gregg and I cleaned out our storage room.  Everything got really dusty while we were building, and it has seemed to overwhelming to take on the task of cleaning everything, but we finally did it and it didn't take that long.  Now we just need to organize and put everything back in!
One afternoon while I was babysitting Anna I heard a faint, "Millie, I need a wipe."
I must really love you Anna.
Pete, asleep in the middle of the master bedroom floor.
Pete and Bodie asleep one Sunday afternoon at my parents house on their bed.
Cute Truman in Gregg's sunnies.