Friday, June 6, 2014


Bodie, Pete and I are in Idaho for a quick trip for some family events.  At the last minute my parents decided to come so we carpooled.
We made a few unexpected stops on the side of the road for Bode.
Boys and their toys!
My dad couldn't get one of his 4-wheelers started after storing it in Idaho for the last 18 months while their house was being built - so my grandpa got out his tracker to pull him.  I had to take a picture and send it to McKay.
We stopped by my grandpa and grandma Quinn's house  and this is how we found them.
So cute.
I love my grandpa Quinn!
My grandpa was telling us how upset he was that he hit one of his sprinklers while mowing the law and broke it so we headed out to the garage to fix it.
Like father like son.
It is hard to see my grandpa getting older - he was so frustrated that he couldn't fix the sprinklers himself.
Bodie had fun showing grandpa his bike tricks.
Bodie learned where the 'treat' tupperware is at my grandma's house.
Pete and my dad.