Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pete 4 Months.

I took Pete in today for his 4-month check up, he is doing great.  So many people ask how his health is given his sick scare in April.  He has healed completely and is great, and he is starting to chunk up!
 Today he measured;

10 pounds 9 ounce
23 inches

Pete is such a good baby, I have said {and thought that} about all my boys but Pete really is my best so far.  He is so chill and mellow and just rolls with whatever we are doing.

Being the third and it being summer he has had to nurse and nap in some not so typical places.  I have nursed while driving through the McDonalds drive through a few times in the past 2 months :)  And he naps almost every afternoon at the pool.

He has consistently been going to bed around 8 PM and sleeping 12 hours with a quick nursing around 5 AM.  He smiles the minute anyone looks at him or talks to him and just today Gregg got him to giggle and laugh.  He hair continues to be the main topic of conversation whenever anyone sees him - I think it grew twice as long in the last month.
I had these matching PJ's that Truman and Bodie once wore, Truman feels left out that I don't have any for him now :(