Friday, January 31, 2014


Today the newest member of the family was born, Taggart Curtis Quinn to my little brother Nate and his wife Lauren.
We knew Lauren was starting the induction process last night so we have been on pins and needles all day for the news the baby was born.  Then at about 6:30 PM we got this picture {above}.
Best. Picture. Ever.

My parents were here having dinner and simultaneously everyones cell phones started dinging - we were glued to our phones for about an hour waiting for details and more pictures to come.
New mama Lauren and Tagg.
Because news from Nate and Lauren was so sparse all day, Lauren's little sister Carmen and I kept tabs with each other all day via text.  Above is a text and picture I got shortly after we heard news that baby had been born.
I LOVE this picture of my little brother Nate.
We can't wait to meet him.