Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dr. Haderlie.

 A couple of weeks ago at one of my prenatal checkups Dr. Haderlie asked if our family would come in and be 'models' for a photos shoot for his new web site.  Today we went in for the shoot and it was actually kind of fun.  The staff was so nice to the kids {as always} and the kids got to "help" do a check up.  Dr. Haderlie said one of the reasons he wanted our family to come in was because the boys are always so interested in what he is doing and want to help.
 Between Gregg and I we snapped a few photos on our phones - when we get the real photos from the photographer we will post them.  Here the boys got to help with the ultra sound and see the baby and they loved it.
 Gregg had to fake getting stitches in his hand.  He and Dr. Haderlie had a hard time not just laughing - it felt funny to be all mocked up for a photo shoot.
 The boys were weighed and measured and did a little mock check up.  
 Every time I tell Bodie we have to go to Dr. Haderlies he says,
"mom, is my arm broken again."