Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Gregg {Super Bowl Style}.

Gregg's birthday is on Friday but we did a little celebrating today.
Because Gregg's favorite team {the Denver broncos} made it to the Super Bowl and because our friends favorite team {the Seattle Seahawks} where their competition we decided a Super Bowl party would be fun.

 The kids in their football gear and Gregg in his jersey from years ago.
The Fife's + photo bomb Truman in the Seahawks gear.
I didn't take pictures of any of the other families - oops!
Everyone brought yummy snack food to share.
At half time we sang happy birthday and made Gregg blow out his candle.
And we let him open one of his gifts, the rest we are saving for Friday!
{thanks Lindsey for the recommendation}

Because the game was hardly a game at all it was fun to watch the kids play and talk - there was no stress over the game at all.
Some of the kids at half time.
Tami was in charge of the Seattle decorations and she way out did me!  It was hard to try and find Broncos decorations - I was surprised.

I asked Gregg and his little brother Brad how they felt about the game and these were the faces I got!
Football cake pops with funfetti cake inside {at Gregg's request}.
So sad that the Broncos didn't even show up for the game.
At least the half time show was entertaining.
Happy Birthday Gregg {even if your team lost}.