Sunday, January 5, 2014

CTR 4 and Nursery.

It is a new year and that means new classes at church.
We get to stay in the 9 o'clock time slot for now because our stake is expecting "big changes" soon.
CTR 4 Boy
Because of the 'big changes' that are coming Truman gets to keep his Sunbeam teacher for now which he is really excited about.

Truman currently has a serious sledding wound on the entire left side of his nose - I am pretty sure he broke his nose.
Nursery - second year.
Bodie loves Nursery although his buddy from school {who is also in our ward} graduated to Sunbeams so he is bummed about not seeing Ty at church.

Because our Nursery is so big they don't do any kind of activity of coloring sheet {in an effort to keep the chaos to a minimum}.  Every week without fail when we pick Bodie up from Nursery he says, in the most disappointed voice "we didn't color anything today".  

We always check in halfway through Nursery and take Bodie to the potty - the other day when we stopped to get him he was sound asleep {at 11:00 AM mind you} in his chair in the middle of song time.  Apparently he slept for over 30 minutes.  I wish I had a picture!!!

Gregg and I also got a new batch of 13 year olds in our Sunday School class today.  We went from 22 kids to 21!!!  I was reminded today how immature 13 year olds are, we had to establish the rules and then we did a little get-to-know you game.