Friday, January 17, 2014

Sleeping Bodie.

Apparently I like to take pictures of Bodie napping, these are all from the last few weeks.
One day I was going over specifications at my parents new house with the builder when my mom took  Bodie out to her new car to turn a movie on for him.  While she was trying to figure out how to turn on a DVD Bodie fell asleep in the back seat, with a stick of gum on his chest.  She texted me this picture.
Bodie is so programed to take a nap around 1 pm every afternoon that on most days he asks for it.
"mom, I need some quiet time"
And always with a sippy of chocolate milk and "blanky" {and usually in our bed}.
A little snuggle and quiet time with dad.
And it's always funny when he falls asleep eating in the car.
One Friday night Gregg was working late so after baths I let the boys watch part of a movie in our bed.  Truman fell asleep immediately while Bodie rubbed his head.
Brotherly love!