Monday, June 17, 2013


Truman is having so much fun playing Tball.
Here are some highlights from the past few games.
Running the bases for a warm up before the game.
Bodie and Grandma Lynn

Gregg helping Truman get the right stance.
Big hitter.
Running into home for a score.
Truman's #1 fan!!!
Truman is #4
Another slide into home plate.
About half way through the season he started doing "The Sandlot" thing and pointing to where he was going to hit it the ball.
This was the day we dropped McKay off at the MTC - my parents went home, but then after two hours of being "empty nesters" they got in the car and came back over to Midway to go to the game!
Board already?
Again, the #1 fan {who wishes he was old enough to play}

Bodie playing ball with Grandpa Quinn - not sure how he can see the ball ...

Sometimes it turned into a dog pile on the field with everyone on the same team fiting over the ball!
Gotta' love four-year-olds!

Sometimes little brothers needs a turn!
He stance is a little funky, but at least his hat his high enough that he can see!
Grandma Lynn playing ball Bodie and cheering for Truman.