Sunday, June 9, 2013


 Today we hosted McKays non-farewell party that we called a "graduation party" because he did, after all, just graduate from high school on Friday.

McKay and his non-member friend Jason did a great job speaking in church along with a member of the Stake Young Men's president.  In the congregation was Mitt Romney, Bill Marriott and Lane Beattie {Lane was actually there specifically to support McKay - they go way back!}
 I tried to decorate with a little Mexican style!
BYU cream puffs and eclairs!
Addie, Quinn and the little neighbor girl who adores McKay.

We bought a piñata for the kids to break open - they loved it!
We started with the youngest kids and made our way up to the older kids.

Quinn had no idea she has broken it open!
And the kids had no idea candy was going to come out.
How do my kids not know what a piñata is?
 McKay getting in on the candy action.
 The audience for the piñata breaking.
 After a little duck tape and some more candy we were back in business for round two!

 Jean caring her candy around in her dress.
 They are really going to miss him.


Truman and his great grandpa Quinn - these two were caring on quiet the conversation.

 Black mail - sorry Tiff, its just too funny!
The first time I checked on her she looked so peaceful, the second time she was totally out!
 McKay is the first of his friends to leave on a mission.
They all stayed as long as they could.
 Grandma and Grandpa Quinn
 Grandma and Grandpa Arave
 The Hopkinsons
 They are all going to miss him.
 Truman and Bodie

 I had a table set up with cards and markers so that people could write letters and cards to McKay - then I can sporadically send them while he is in the MTC.  This picture Enoch drew of all his favorite things about Mexico was priceless.
 We also made these cards to pass out that have his mission address and information on them.
Check out his blog
for all his letters, pictures and his mission information.
 At one point I was making the rounds checking on everything and everyone - I found these two on the front porch talking ... I  could not hear what they were talking about but I would have loved to know!
Either way it was so cute!
Truman and Enoch.
 Saying good-bye to his brother - who had to catch a flight to Canada.

What a fun party.