Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Creamery and MTC.

Today we all met around noon at the BYU Creamery on ninth for our "last supper" with McKay.
Someone is sad about uncle "Kay-Kay" leaving
Everyone wants to sit with McKay.
This girl does not like getting her picture taken.  I have to be sneaky.
Bodie has had the best pouting face since he was born - here he is pouting about me asking him to not stand on the table.
Ice cream flavor of choice? Pistachio!  He is definitely my child.
Anna liked the shake.
Still pouting!
After lunch and some ice cream it was off to the MTC.
We are all so happy that McKay is serving a mission - but it is still hard to say good-bye.
We ALL piled into Tiff and Aaron's 15-passenger van to go to the MTC - you can only have one car at the MTC drop off per missionary, but there were no restrictions on how big that one car was!!!
Even our soon-to-be sister-in-law {Becca} came.
{Dallin is out of the country}
What an adventure.
The MTC drop off lasted about 30 seconds - it was so fast, but I guess that is good.
The best part about the way you do drop offs now is that the current missionaries at the MTC are there to greet the new missionaries and take them in.
A quick good-bye hug for everyone.
I think the younger kids were a little bit confused as to why we were all saying good-bye to McKay, and why there were some tears!
The luggage.
Hi-fives for the kids.
Here he is getting ready to hug me.
I did great up until this point - then I started to cry.
He hugged me and was off - without looking back.

I think my dad, Tiffany and I were the only ones who shed a few tears.
For some reason it was so much harder for me to say good-bye to McKay then any of my other brothers.  I feel like I cried more today then the day I went into the MTC.

Truman and Bodie had the funniest things to say all afternoon about McKay leaving - and my random moments of crying {that lasted all day}

"Mom, we should text McKay and make sure he is okay"

"Mom, can you share your bro Kay-Kay with me so I can have a bro on a mission too?"

"I like Kay-Kay as much as I like you Mom."

"Mom, I am still here."

"Do you think McKay is flying to Mexico right now?"

"I'm still happy because I have you Mom."

This last one didn't really have anything to do with McKay leaving on his mission but I wanted to remember it .

"Mom, Grandma Quinn is SO lucky because she has four boys"

I was thinking, wow, Truman is pretty smart to realize that I have four brother and therefore grandma does indeed have four boys.  So I asked, "Who are Grandma's four boys" thinking he would respond, "Anthony, Nathan, Dallin and McKay."  Instead he said,

"Grandpa, McKay. Bodie and Me!"

I hope the next two year fly by! 

In the mean time, you can follow all of Elder Quinn's missionary experiences, letters and pictures HERE