Saturday, June 15, 2013

Stewart Falls.

Today we hiked Stewart Falls by Sundance.  Truman was so excited - this is the first year that we won't be caring him anymore, he gets his own backpack, water, snacks and he gets to hike himself.
 Happy Father's Day weekend.
Gregg, Bodie, Truman and my dad.
 He was always concerned about waiting for everyone to catch up.  
 Snacks and water in the shade.
 Bodie enjoyed it.
 Look at those fingers!
The trail was like a regular highway - it was busy and very dusty.

 He found the waterfall at the end with Grandpa and Grandma - he loved it.
Truman did the entire hike himself, all four miles.
I carried Bodie out and we had a nice conversation!