Monday, June 3, 2013


Truman had his first T-ball game tonight and it was the cutest most entertaining thing I have ever seen.
The first time he ran the bases he ran from home to first then back to home and then to third.  Does that count as two scores?!
Him wearing his hat backwards is the cutest thing ever!  

 I love this picture with Grandpa Bob coaching him on third to run run home.
 Running into home for a score!
I am pretty happy we are the Dodges, thats my team
{mission loyalty}
 They are such cute kids, I can not get over it!
 Is he trying to distract the runner on first?  That's my boy.
Here he is again, getting a little friendly {and distracted himself} by the runner on first.
I love 4-year-olds!
 Totally distracted.
 Throwing the ball back to "coach" a.k.a. Dad.

Is he posing while running? 
And a cheer for the other team!
Good game Dodgers.