Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dutch Country Court.

I guess its time for another big house update and tour.

The house is framed and we passed our structural inspection so now it's time for a roof, HVAC, plumbing and electrical.
{The random white paint is primer so I can try out some paint colors}

I love the little wood steps that lead to the front porch!
The back side.
{the beams over the back patio are not correct, they are coming down and being redone - I will take pictures when its done - it will be similar to the front}
Front - obviously!
The view from the front door {view of timp, its just blown out in this picture}
The office and master are to the left, music room {piano} straight ahead, Great Room off the the right.

View looking out the front door.
Looking toward the office and master suite {music room on your right, front door on your left}
Master bedroom.
View from master.
This is standing in the closet looking into the master bathroom 
{vanities on left and right, tub in the back alcove area}
This was taken where the tub will be looking back into the master closet.
Shower and toilet are on the right - past Greggs vanity.
This was taken outside the master bedroom/office area looking back toward the stairs and kitchen
{music room on the left, front door on the right - kitchen against the back wall}
Music room
The great room
You are seeing a little bit of the fireplace on the right.
Great room fireplace - see through fireplace to the hall
Open up above.
I am standing in the dinning room looking at the great room and music room.
Standing in the great room looking at the kitchen and pantry dinning room to the left.
Standing in the great room looking at the dinning room.

Little hallway to the mud room, powder bathroom, laundry room and garage.
{You can see Gregg's car parked in the garage}
Stairs going down are on the right.

The white chalk on the floor shows where some of the kitchen cabines will go.
You are looking at the powder bathroom, walk in pantry {to the left by the windows) and laundry room {where there is a big opening for a sliding door}.
Up stairs.
At the top of the stairs if you look right you will see the kids bathrooms with walk-in closets, and a little "bedtime" story area for a chair and future desk for homework.
Looking down into the great room.
Guest bedroom {again, with an amazing view that you can not see}, guest bedroom and closet {with room for a pack-n-play}
This was taken standing in the guest bedroom looking back toward the kids bedrooms/bathrooms
The "wall" on the left is actually the fireplace {it will be all rocked} with railing on both sides.
Downstairs now.
Craft room {!}
Bedroom, walk-in closet
{I am picturing moving the boys down here when they are teenagers}
Family Room.
Kids play area {with window and door}
And a wet bar to the left.
This is taken in the back corner of the family room looking back toward the downstairs.
Storage room!
Thanks to my dad and Gregg for putting up these shelves on Saturday.
We can't finish putting up the shelves until next week when the plumbers move that water line pictured above.
More storage.
You can never have enough storage!
There is a locking door on this room so hopefully starting next week and I move some of our not-so-important junk over.
The very down, downstairs.
Look, I found a smoking hot worker hanging lights.
The indoor basketball court.
You can see the boys are so excited they already hung a little basketball hoop!
The house itself won't see a lot of change over the next month while all the "guts" of the house are being installed.

So far it has been a really fun process.  We are excited to be done with framing - it was the most stressful part - making sure all the spaces felt correct.