Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pool with cousins.

Today we went to the pool twice!  Its been that hot!
Tonight after our annual Ward Fish Fry we met our cousins at the pool.
The sun was very low in the sky so I had fun watching the cousins and taking pictures.

Bodie has no fear.
Ready ...
... set ...
... go!
My boys call this a cannon-tooty.
Just imagine them yelling CANNON-TOOTY at the top of their lungs before jumping in.
I have no idea where they got the word 'tooty' from but they think its funny to add it to the end of words.
Grandpa Bob withe the twins, Jonas and Elliott.
Lynn, Bob, Krista and the twins.
The boys did not want to look at the camera for me!
Uncle Brad and Jonas
It was a beautiful and fun night.