Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013.

Happy Father's Day.
We love our dad.
Bodie is especially a daddy's boy.

I thought this paper that Truman brought home from primary was really cute.
What a great idea.
{It had a chocolate bar attached with Truman ate before we ever saw it!}
Brad, Bob and Gregg {Gregg's little brother and dad)
We had a nice Father's Day BBQ at McGowns.

This was about the only celebrating we did.
It was kind of a crazy {in an unexpected way} day - so we will do gifts and breakfast in bed and berry pie for Gregg another Sunday.
Bodie came home from nursery with this name sticker on his back - new nursery leaders?!
His nursery leaders emailed me this picture tonight and said he worked on "building a house" all during nursery today.
We finished off the day with a nice ride around the block - with a roll in his mouth!

Happy Fathers Day to our dad Gregg who is always so patient and loving, especially with the kids {who adore and maul him to death}.

And Happy Father's Day to my dad, who I gave a ride to the airport today for his gift!