Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Happy Birthday to my big sister Tiffany today!
Me and Tiffany - we did ballet together when we were little!
 I had to include this picture because Tiff had the BEST '80's mullet - and I was jealous of it.  
My mom would curl all that hair in the front with a curling iron every morning.
{Anthony's birthday 1986}
 Family moter-home trip to Canada!  1990
 Tiffany and new brother Dallin {I think she looks like Addie in this picture}
December 1989
 Tiff's birthday 1991 - classic Tiffany picture.
 he, he, he
First day of 7th grade 1992
 8th grade graduation 1994

And one of my favorite pictures - Tiffany came to see me in LA on my mission {and I got to meet my new niece Addie} Summer 2003
Tiff and Addie at my wedding 2005.
Thanksgiving 2008 prego with Jean.
 Tiff and Anna 2011.

I love you.
Happy Birthday.