Thursday, March 8, 2012

Church Ball.

For the past six weeks Truman and I have been going to our Young Womans basketball games once a week.   The girls have improved dramatically and we made it to the regional finals.  Tonight they won their game so next week they play the best Heber Stake team in the semi-finals.  Congratulations.
During timeouts and half time Truman will run out onto the court and shoot his little ball.  Tonight Gregg and Bodie came with us to play.  My boys love it!
After the game we did dinner and then put the kids to bed.  Our ward woman's team also made it to the finals so at 9:00 I went back over to the church to play in our game (I have been playing every Thursday night for the past six weeks too).  Unfortunately we lost to a team that played really sloppy ball.  I was a sore looser about their sloppy play and starting fouling ugly in the fourth quarter.