Thursday, March 15, 2012


 Tonight we hired a babysitter {one of my adorable YW} and went out on a hot date to the Utah GOP caucus.  A couple of weeks ago in church, over the pulpit, a letter was read from the First Presidency of the LDS church asking members to support their local caucus.  The church committed to support the caucus by not holding any church related meetings or activities.  It was definitely an interesting experience, I feel like a real American!!!  I have always voted but I have never gotten involved this early in the voting process by supporting my local caucus.  
Today Bodie and I were running some errands when I looked back and saw him 'reading' a book.  So cute!  Truman had a favorite ABC book at this age - he would always turn to the page with balls on it.
Bodie sat like this for almost 20 minutes looking at his book.