Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bodies Birthday.

 Good morning birthday boy .
 He learned that fire is hot and will burn you.  Ouch!
{I could not find my birthday banner so I had to whip up a new one}
 Why didn't someone warn me that cake-pops are so time consuming to make?!
 Uncle McKay.
 The traditional baseball glove and ball cake.  
Tara and Gregg 2012.
Gregg and Tara 1979.
{Gregg's first birthday}
 For Truman's first birthday Gregg wanted me to make the same baseball cake that he had for his first birthday.  We decided to keep the tradition alive and do a baseball cake for Bodies' first birthday.

 I wanted to take a picture of all the cousins together.  It was a treat to have Elliot and Jonas here for the party.  As you can see by this point Truman had maxed out.  Stella was trying to keep Truman from moving and Presley was preoccupied with Bodie!  It makes for a good laugh!