Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Flashbacks.

My mother-in-law just gave this to me.  It's a letter Gregg wrote {I think she said for his 8th birthday} on why he thinks the Nintendo is better then the Atari 7800!  It is a pretty good persuasive essay for an eight year old!  Gregg and I laughed so hard when we read it together - he said he remembers writing it.

Why I think the Nintendo is better then the Atari 7800!

1. The graphics are better.
2. I think the games are better because they are harder.
3. The controllers have a B and an A button, a select button, a start button, and it has four arrows instead of a stick.
4. It has a zapper gun and if you are a fraction of an inch off the target you're missed.
5. The Nintendo comes with 2 cartreges, 2 controllers, and zapper light gun for only $99.99.
6. If you buy the power pack Nintendo it comes with 3 cartreges, a huge pad, 2 controllers, and a zapper light gun

{then he makes three big boxes where his parents can mark "Nintendo" "Nintendo power pack" "no"}

If you say yes to the Nintendo or the Nintendo power pack here is twenty dollars to help you buy it.


P.S. You can get it at KB Toy store, Lional play world, or Target.