Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I can not believe that Bodie is one - that was a fast year!  I love looking back at these newborn shots. 
{okay, you were all right, he DID have a big nose, I was in denial... but I think he grew into it!}

We went to the doctors today for his one year check up.
He is super small - even smaller then Truman was at one - although it does not seem like it.

17 pounds 3 ounces
28 inches

Bodie is very mellow.  He still takes two naps a day and sleeps 12 hours at night.  He drinks out of a bottle, although he used a sippy cup at grandma's the other day.  On Sunday we were telling the hometeachers that he does not crawl yet, we sat him down and he got up on all fours and crawled across the room - so we know he can do it although he still prefers to army crawl {scoot}.  When playing with an array of toys he will go for a ball first!  He has four teeth on top and two on bottom.  He claps, does high-five and pat-a-cake.  He can say "ma'ma" and "da, da, da" but he does not know what they mean.  He will eat, or at least try, almost anything.

 Look how skinny his leg was at birth - no fat on the poor kid.
And a picture of Truman a year ago.