Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No Husbands.

Our husbands were both out of town on business trip so Tiff and I decided to hang out together for a few days.  Addie and Quinn planned a fun Family Night for everyone Monday night.
 "I am a child of God and so are you"
 We invited April and Jake over and their two kids to join the chaos!  
 This girl was being so goofy - starting with that goofy hair!  She was constantly crawling over to my lap to snuggle and cuddle ... we figured she must think I look like Grandma Quinn.
I know this video is not great, but it's Anna's first steps!
This girl is always goofy!
 Once the camera turned on Mackenzie she turned goofy too!
You can see the concentration.  She just turned one last week, I can believe it - she is going to be an artist like her dad!
 Addie and Truman had a little sleep over - Truman was in heaven having Addie read him bedtime stories.
 Quinn reading to Enoch.
 Jean reading to her beloved hippo.
 I attempted to make an Easter garland for Tiff's house.
We felt accomplished after getting seven kids to sleep {not just to bed, to sleep!}  Tiff crawled into bed with me and we stayed up talking and watching the snow fall until way to late.
Today we picked up April, Dallin and Mackenzie and headed to the mall.  I should have taken a picture of that!  Three moms, three strollers and LOTS of kids! It was tons of fun!