Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Potty Time.

It's true, we are fully invested in potty training this week.  It all started last night when Truman successfully used the toilet before going to bed.  When he got up this morning we put on the under pants {which I keep mistakenly calling panties} and we were on our way to potty training.
We had lots and lots of special drinks all day!
 And these awesome soccer ball underwear... 
{what a ham he can be - I have a feeling this picture could embarrass him very easily some day}
Now he is just getting down right silly after being in the house ALL day.  Poor guy.
 This potty training thing will wear you out!  I am pooped {he, he, he - no pun intended}.
I would say it was a successful day one with only a few minor accidents this morning as we were getting started  - no accidents after that!  And tonight there is one worn out boy tucked in his covers holding on tightly to a new red golf club {wish I could somehow get a picture of that!}
Here's to more success tomorrow!