Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The big reveal!  I picked up this chair at a consignment shop a few months ago.  I knew when I first saw it that I wanted to paint it red {it reminded me of a red rocking chair I had as a child - seen here}.  The chair is handmade out of oak and had a brown hand pieced seat.  I had the hardest time deciding what to do for the seat fabric.  When my super talented aunts Ilene and Christine where in town last month I picked them up from the airport and we all went to the fabric store {so fun}.  We found this cute nursery rhyme toile fabric.

I can not take any credit for how cute this chair turned out.  My aunt Ilene did all the work.  She quilted the fabric and reapolstered the chair for me.  Oh, and she also made two pillows to go along with the chair.  Thank you Ilene for sharing your talent with me, and my boys.  Truman and Bodie love the chair.  I have not taken it to their room yet... I think I am going to keep it in the living room through the holidays.  I sat Bodie in it last night and he was rocking away!  I can already picture the boys sitting in it next to the fire place looking at the lights on the Chrimstas tree. 
I was positive I took "before" pictures of the chair but I can not find them anywhere.  This is the best I could do - Truman is sitting on the rocking chair "before" the makeover. You can see the original oak stain and a little bit of the homely brown seat.